Sunday, September 30, 2007

Look Above

Look above to the boundless skies.
O what beauty do I see!
The clouds roll forth
And assuage my soundless cries.

Her image covers me;
Her touch strengthens me.
How did I not see this,
This wondrous ignorant bliss?

Look to the skies above!
The clouds stream quicker and quicker.
I lay my head down
And take the beauty in.

What a beautiful day it is
To just lay down and look above
To the glorious blue skies
And reflect on the love within.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bonfire of the Heart

The time draws near
To draw friends and strangers
Out of the darkness that lingers
And into the light that is here.

We are called to love
And not to give into present fears,
Opening our hearts and lending our ears
To the gifts given from above.

Add to these fires, every one of you,
The fears and doubts that you have,
And, in turn, Christ will make anew
Your heart with His rod and staff.

See before you the Bonfire of the Heart,
Christ's everlasting gift, His Sacrifice to you.
We are to share in His Sacrifice and take part,
Lifting up our struggles and making our lives new.

Rest in the Lord, all you troubled,
For the Bonfire still burns this day.
His Love and His Sacrifice are forever coupled,
And we are to take up our own cross and follow His Way.

Look upon the Bonfire and let your soul rest.
You are home in Christ and shall forever be blest.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Out of the Night

What love do I feel within me;
It’s the peace you bring, O Lord.
The tranquility is not my doing,
Rather the work of your calming hands.

What merciful ways in which you free
For which my heart must sing, O Lord.
The fortitude is quickly swelling,
Ascending like an eagle over troubled lands.

Your soothing presence before me
Covers me with a grace so stirring, O Lord.
It counteracts against the temptations growing,
Subduing the Foe with a might so grand.

The Foe is no match to thee;
You are mightier than any realm or king, O Lord.
I am thankful for your merciful giving
So that I might, with you, so firmly stand.

I am forever grateful for my now renewed sight
And for being brought out from that cold dark night.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ice Lily

O lily of fairest colors resounding,
What joy have you brought me.
Your fragrance is so confounding
With the sadness you now bring me.

Your beauty caught my eyes then,
All those many days before.
Your complexity drew me in,
But your coldness has driven me away evermore.

Your blossom consists solely of ice;
Not even the warmth of the shining sun
Nor the softest touch of kindness will suffice
To warm your icy blossom’s coldness you’ve begun.

O fair ice lily, open once more your frozen heart
Or face a world, too, where coldness never parts.