Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Cup Overflows

The sweet taste of relief flows into my mouth.
It quenches the thirst of all my doubt.
What overpowering joy this victory is,
A mighty one over strife and all amiss!

“Joyful! Joyful!” Is the strain,
Which casts away all past pains.
No more worries shall overcome me,
And the opportunities ahead are as vast as the sea.

All that I worked for I can now see:
Through all the muck and all the trouble
The Lord has made it mere rubble.
What glorious works are these!

My cup overflows with sweet blessings,
And I shall praise the Lord, never ceasing!

With Open Arms

Here I stand with open arms.
My heart aches with a shuttered love,
A love that, by necessity, has been disarmed.
I must carry on, nevertheless, to rise above.

I wish these feelings would disappear,
And cast away all desire of you still further.
Yet in my mind has your beauty been seared,
And nightly my heart sadly murmurs.

When will this pain go away?
When will these impossible thoughts be removed?
Your endearing smile still holds its sway;
Your disarming personality so sweetly soothes.

How can these feelings be so wrong?
It came to me like an angel-white dove.
Why did my heart for you so long,
And yet now tells me not to love?

I tell myself, "Dream no more.
Your love is dead, dead to the core.
This world that you put yourself in
Will only, if you lead yourself, end in sin...
Sin not of action but merely of thought."
Yet, sadly, it was only your love that I sought.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Sing Praise!

Sing praise all you nations; sing praise!
For all the gifts the Lord has bestowed on you,
Sing praise!

All the glory of the Lord is with you
All the days of your life.
Sing praise!

With everything you do sing praise
And with all words that spring from your tongue
Sing Praise!

Give the Lord what is rightly His
And all that He has promised will be yours.
Sing praise!