Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Murmurs of a Restless Heart

I love her not with a boisterous voice.
No, I love her in quiet ways.
What love I have, I give it to the Lord.
I beg Him: "Give me a heart ready to love."

I cast away feelings I wish could come true,
But each day I am reminded my heart is not ready.
I beg the Lord: "Give me a heart ready to love."
But I hear no answer.

I let these feelings subside and then rise.
I know there is something there, but is it love?
Each time I see her, my heart leaps for joy,
But she is happy and so must I...

But am I happy? Am I with love?
I feel so empty, so incomplete.
I am not strong enough
To love without love’s return.

My heart craves to let its feelings be known;
I must let these feelings go.
I must let these feelings be known
To the person of my kind affection.

For some time I had a passion in life.
I felt purpose of the Truth,
But now I feel only pain,
Pain to which nothing will suffice.

She spoke to me as a friend;
She loved me as a friend.
Now there is only distance
And pain from an absence of love.